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Blackwood Crossing will be released April 4th

Its makers have announced on Twitter that Blackwood Crossing will be available for PS4 on April 4. A day later will come also to PC and Xbox One.

And hell is Blackwood Crossing? Good question. Nor I knew this surreal adventure about two orphans. It develops PaperSeven, a small study independent British with people that before had been in Black Rock Studio. Yes, Yes, those of mash and the magnificent Split / Second; the registry change is considerable.

The intention here is that the relationship between Finn and Scarlett is the basis of the game. It seems that we control the older sister while we endure the criticisms of the boy, who accuses us of abandoning him after the death of their parents. The thing go crazy enough as to appear animal masks, which are usually a good sign.

To the animations them lack a boil and the paragraph visual, although sympathetic, perhaps not surprising both as the of Firewatch and others melocotonazos by the style. It can be very interesting, in any case.

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