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Bulletstorm is reborn with this Full Clip Edition

Randy Pitchford is a magician in the Game Awards wanted to do magic and that is something we will have to live for ever: in the wizarding world, introduce a remaster of Bulletstorm with Duke Nukem as guest star is a rare trick, but so is Randy. That is why we want Randy.

A very nervous Sebastian Wojciechowski, the current director of People Can Fly, left next to Pitchford to introduce this new version of the deservedly acclaimed shooter’s skill, which debuted in the previous generation and is now available in 4 K (with asterisk, of course; we prepare for a new Asterisk was), with new test score and a very special guest.

Often cliffhanger forced in the previous paragraph, when it had already said that it was Duke Nukem. The case is that it is, at least at first, an extra for those who book this Full Clip Edition of Bulletstorm. With the legendary character, iconic example of bite and today just Kukident was announced, the full campaign will be playable ‘with a completely regrabado script and completely new lines of the original voice of Duke,”the legendary Jon St. John, the version of the bizarro world of Charles Martinet.

People Can Fly, no Gearbox, is dealing of development and will be available on April 7 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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