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Clustertruck is a fun silly jumping on trucks

According to the Urban Dictionary, the word “clusterfuck” comes from the American military jargon, has much to do with terms like FUBAR (“cock up beyond all recognition”, that Saving Private Ryan popularized in Spanish as he JOMARE, “screwed up and crushed without remedy) and is used to refer to situations in which an operation is coming out wrong for various reasons. In fact it is so accepted despite literally mean “multiple fuck” that often is replaced by acronyms Charlie Foxtrot (F.C.) coined by NATO.

Clustertruck leverages the versatility that gives the word “truck” and its similar with “fuck” for the game of words gamberrete and converts it expression that you da title in something literal: things around (and over, mostly) of multiple trucks.

The idea is, in fact, something very similar to the famous endless runners who now have so much success in mobile: racing at full speed on platforms where at any time any obstacle or spectacular disaster may befall us and throw us out of the way. If run on freight trailers speeding is material of the film of John Woo absolute and deliberately disconnected reality and the parameters of what is possible and logical, it seems that Clusterfuck has no problem in going more crazy: fences laser that we must avoid to avoid ending up sliced, huge pendulums to destroy the trucks that serve as platform stone walls that are closing to our flanks threatening to crush us. Bridges, mills, screwed depths of several hundred metres to the trailers come to die or waterfalls vehicles of high tonnage falling us around and even fucking missile trying to knock us down.

The game is the work of Landfall Games, tomorrow becomes Steam and seems to offer the same proposal that kind of things surreal slapstick humor happening against us and a platform in first person of those who do not forgive you nor a single millisecond of cluelessness.

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