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Crytek will receive a grant of 500 million dollars of the Government of Turkey

The Turkish Government will invest 500 million dollars in Crytek, according to the technological web Hard Avenue. The major Turkish newspapers such as Hürriyet also echo the news.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced grant Turkey exports awards ceremony, although without giving names. Spoke of «a man of Giresun that lives in Germany» and that «is one of the leaders of the industry world of the video game». The founders of Crytek, Cevat, Avni and Faruk سکسpc, are of ancestry Turkish, precisely of Giresun.

Yildirim spoke of a ‘planned investment”of $ 500 million, and although he acknowledges that”the technology that created is beyond my understanding”clarifies that”it is not difficult to understand that our future depends on innovation”. Not is mentioned explicitly to Crytek and, indeed, recently the multinational has closed, between others, his study of Istanbul; una of the possibilities, by specular slightly, is that Crytek move your office central to Turkey.

There is still some confusion about these statements; the Daily Sabah, another daily Turkish, ensures that is Crytek which will invest 500 million of dollars in Turkey, something unlikely to the light of the alleged problems financial that crosses the company. In mid-December, a former employee launched a campaign to fund his legal action against Crytek, carrying unpaid salary to some of its employees since at least may of this year.

In order to cope with these difficulties, Crytek recently announced cutbacks and the intention to resume its strong «main», «innovative games and game development technology» development. The company said that “these changes are part of the steps essential» for get that Crytek is «a business healthy and sustainable». «We hope that through this difficult process will make us a more agile, viable and attractive, study prepared for the future success», said.

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