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Don’t worry, Nintendo Switch will keep the progress if the battery has just been

Nintendo Switch

One of the main fear we have in terms of handheld game consoles or to use any type of battery has to do with the progress. Not in vain, If devices remain without power we run the risk of losing all the advances. The question is how will Nintendo Switch react to this situation? As he has revealed, Nintendo have thinking of what could happen if the console runs out of battery. Fortunately, they have already designed a solution.

Basically, we don’t have no fear that Nintendo Switch runs out of battery. The system that works inside has a feature that allows you to pause all before shutdown. Of course, the progress achieved will be in stand-by, which means that we can resume the game later.

Clarify that this mode stand-by not translates into a saved game in itself, but in the opportunity to continue playing, then from the point in which we play. In other words, If the console stays completely out of battery or any modification of hardware, it is possible to lose the progress. Course, it is recommended to save the game in a regular way, and especially when the battery is running low.

Although Nintendo has worked to solve this inconvenience, function meets its mission with some buts. That Yes, gets proposed: to continue with our departure in the case in which we stay without battery.

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