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Drawn to Death will be free to PS Plus subscribers

Drawn to Death será gratuito para suscriptores de PS Plus

The new game from David Jaffe, Drawn to Death, will be one of the games of PlayStation Plus subscribers can play free of charge during the month of April, has announced the own Jaffe on the PlayStation blog.

Jaffe explains that «he wanted to find a way to invite all PS Plus members to participate in this experience and show you what excites me video games today»; thrust that can give this movement is intended to “create an incredible game community”, recognizes. Hence the released in PlayStation Plus, same April 4, which is put on sale for around the world.

Also gave new details about the game. Refers to several modes, such as the missions of the Sphinx (which mixed combat with riddles and challenges that have rewarded new weapons or scenarios) or exclusives of each character (15 for each of the six muñecotes), but also of other things as a mysterious, seemingly inevitable boxes in the timeline that has touched us live: say , the thing plays to box (with skins and taunts for the characters; what is now being called cosmetics) by three games online or each 150 deaths. The own Jaffe confirmed in the comments of the blog that these boxes can also be purchased with money from normal, which has the King’s face painted.

Although the original idea was Drawn to Death was free-to-play, at some point the development team decided to turn it into a game of payment; It was a “quite simple” transition, says Jaffe, because it never contemplated as a possibility to pay to win . The final price of the game is 20 euros; However, I understand that if to play we need to be PlayStation Plus Subscriber there will be many people who apoquine for him, and there is the grace of launch it this way.

It makes sense that they want to have a community nurtured from the beginning, because the game seems designed to benefit from good players, a statistical anomaly elusive if not you arrive directly in a very wide group of people. I say this why mixing pure skill with strategic thinking, the study of rivals and their behaviors and taking advantage of the possibilities of the map to remove them. «We look at games with a clear idea of competition,» Jaffe said in a recent video, you have under these lines. «Know where you are, what you are doing, your position on the battlefield…» We don’t want to go without further into chaos. We are looking for smart players; We want to create a game that reward you for thinking and having good reflexes at the same time”.

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