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Exploration and the first 13 minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda


Space opera of Bioware is approaching and with it more samples playable or information of one of the biggest bets of EA for this year that has begun with a spectacular level. It will not have easy, but sure that we have a release of first level.

IGN has posted the first exclusive Mass Effect Andromeda minutes. Of course, includes spoilers for reasonable, although not is revealed nothing transcendental or to destroy – I understand – the experience. You have been warned.

First 13 minutes of Andromeda:

Mass Effect Andromeda continues his series of videos and on this occasion plays extol the exploration. An issue that has been improving in successive deliveries and expected at least entertaining in this chapter. The game takes place in a field of stars formed by a few dozens of stellar systems. The player can navigate between these systems with total freedom.

Take a look at exploration in Andromeda:

Via | Mass Effect and IGN

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