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FES will IOS this year

Polytron has announced a new port in FES for iOS. Renaud Bédard and Phil Fish game will be available in Apple device sometime this year.

It is not the first time that the adventure of Gomez returns to star in holders by surprise. Originally launched in 2012, Bédard, programming Manager last year, issued a patch to the version of Steam which corrected known issues and added a mode to speedruns. It was the latest patch for the game, according to the developer.

They have not much details on how this new version will be for iOS, but yes has been published a short teaser that you can see on the top of these lines.

FEZ is a platform that moves, like its protagonist, Gomez, between the 2D and the 3D and still today it is one of the most creative, interesting and recommendable explosion indie it documented, through Braid, Super Meat Boy and this, Indie Game: The Movie. Fish worked briefly in a sequel that was canceled in 2013; Designer decided to retire from video games to avoid the harassment was received by several statements that were controversial. Since then, his name could be read in the credits of SuperHyperCube, a simple and perfect jigsaw puzzle game for PlayStation VR, together with Damien Di Fede, Heather Kelley and Cindy Poremba.

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