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Fifteen minutes from the pre-alpha of Vampyr, DontNod new

The first trailer we saw at E3 and the recent gamescom come these 15 minutes of Vampyr, the new game from DontNod pre-alpha. You have it up.

The third change is visible on its acclaimed Life is Strange: Fantasy young adult we go to a post-World London world war where a such Jonathan Reid, the protagonist of the story, has to learn to deal with his profession as a doctor and his vampire status. It is a very interesting starting point and, as seen in the video, giving rise to environmental sequences and more narrative that shows the effects of the terrible Spanish flu, Rafa Nadal of pandemics.

Less interesting seems to combat, at least so that you can see in the video. Everything interesting and unique having parties where Reid goes by examining the environment is forgotten a bit when time to give sticks and use the powers; feel me that these clashes have already them seen before in other games, and perhaps better executed.

In any case, it looks good; DontNod has experience in it of the combat, with that Remember Me that occasionally is asserted as a misunderstood of his time, so it same us surprised by any side.

Be released in 2017, on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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