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Freedom Planet 2 still weaned high from its origins as a tribute to Sonic

A new trailer of Freedom Planet 2 shows gameplay of mile, one of those characters that return to this second part. You can see it above.

Surprisingly the independence that has earned this sequel, the only one that is; as know, the first Freedom Planet was born as a game of Sonic made by a fan, Stephen DiDuro, that then was persuaded by their followers, that saw that the thing was taking form and turning is in something that could assert the penalty, to leave of side to Robotnick and them rings and bet by a new universe, with new characters and new mechanical.

Love for the powerful aesthetics of the first Sonic are still felt her, but otherwise it seems easy to see that the game is emancipated from its referent.

Upon his release, will be first computers (they have in mind all operating systems; is made in Unity) and then go Nintendo platforms, as we already knew; the first part also came out with some pride in Wii U. About the release switch, although it is more or less early, responsible for communication of GalaxyTrail, Gabriella Creighton, the qualifies as «super possible». We’ll see; of time not is you know date of publication, or exact or approximate.

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