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Friday the 13th: The Game will be released on May 26

Perhaps the most interesting of all the adaptations of horror movies that have been made so far, at least what has been seen so far, and its leaders have always maintained the most sensible priority of all: delay the launch which is needed in order to have time to Polish it well and the result is appropriate. After the delay since the last Halloween, this weekend IllFonic and Gun Media have announced that the game Friday the 13th: The Game reach PC, PS4 and Xbox One next May 26, within about a month.

This date corresponds to the digital release, but have already said from the editor that they are still working on a possible physical version (is a game that lends itself particularly to remove collector’s editions with dolls, posters, art books and everything what is third; would be very awkward not to try it) and that report in this respect when they have something to tell us.

Remember that this comprehensive tribute to the Friday the 13th series takes several months in Early Access, but some fans have preferred to ignore it and not closer to him until we can talk about a full experience. And even so have said the single-player campaign will not come included in May that will come out during the summer update, so face-shaped to the release Friday the 13th: The Game will be an exclusively online game until they parcheen it.

Friday the 13th: The Game is a multiplayer asymmetrical in which the player controls Jason Voorhees or one of stereotyped teenagers who try to spend the night in Crystal Lake and are pursued by the immortal masked psychopath. We must carry out a series of missions, all related to defend themselves or escape, while one tries to avoid the fierce assaults a machete zombie child of two meters. This adaptation not only has fucked plenty of deaths the sea of creative and colorful, but it is also full of love for the franchise: appear famous characters from the films, the stage will be seeding references and fan service, and in addition will have hand each and every one of the various models of Jason who have been parading through the saga since 1980 including a new design created by Sam Raimi, a sort of infernal Jason in flames and with a Trident that is, my mother, pa’ see it.

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