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Furi will be available July 5

Furi estará disponible el 5 de julio

The French of The Game Bakers announced yesterday, via press release, this is almost ready: Furi, its interesting action game with designs of Takashi Okazaki (of Afro Samurai), go on sale for PCs and PS4 on July 5. It will cost $24.99, so there also be the price in euros.

Furi, consisting only of battles with bosses, It has already left here more than once. During E3, without going any further, a new video served to renew our interest in this mixture of hack’n slash and shmup; the two halves seem to understand is great in everything we have seen so far and animations of the protagonist are those of the typical game that is controlled properly. In the comments of that same inning, said @petete_torete that had some of Hyper Light Difter here. I understand what means, above all by the dash and shorts combos. I was also reminded of what NieR taught in Los Angeles.

In any case, I have very curious to see what just coming out of here. They are French, Yes, but something tells me that they are legit: you want that they not, convinced Capcom to let them put to Ryu and Viewtiful Joe in his Crew Combo mobile.

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