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Guts and Glory, another video game full of amputations slapstick

Here already come warning from makes time that an of them big news of them last years in the industry is the arrival of something that not had before: the comedy of video games. Following a Garry’s Mod-like humor and putting each one their absurd ideas on the table, we have a good number of games which based its greatest virtue in physical humor, slapstick, and mad situations that generates its physics engine in combination with the clumsiness of the player. Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, a Quién completo Your Daddy or Pain are known examples of this art of visual nonsense to generate a good laugh.

Today comes the umpteenth: Guts and Glory is asking for a few dollars at Kickstarter and presents itself as a game in which we are a father who must walk your baby on a bike or his family in convertible car for places where literally everything around us are trying to kill us. Cannon balls, Frisbees serrated, ramps, hooks, giant trunks, fences, explosion because if… Nothing actually makes no sense, but the moments of violent death is the sea of fun despite the poor graphics and the unlikely of their physical, or perhaps as a result: see a kid of two years to fly ten meters and hitting the pavement probably wouldn’t grace if it were realistic.

Apparently its creator has confirmed that will be in PS4 and Xbox One besides PC (if you give it certification in consoles, clear, that that is another) and that the money that collect in the campaign of crowdfunding will serve for finance things as more scenarios and characters, an option of gore “more end”, an editor of levels, a mode platforms a deathmatch mode and a mode to the Crazy Taxi style with a bus in which we will have to bring customers to their destination mutilating and murdering the less possible number of passers-by.

At the moment the trailer is made with the most basic of Guts and Glory (which you can try in your alpha here) and the truth is that it is hypnotic.

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