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Hellblade, the new game from Ninja Theory, goes to 2017

Ninja Theory has released a new video (you can see it on these lines) which announce their new game, Hellblade: Senuah completo Sacrifice, is delayed until 2017. Its launch was planned for sometime this year, although the absence of a concrete date left to guess that he could move to next.

They give some explanations. One of the reasons why the Hellblade has moved has been the cancellation of another project in which Ninja Theory, has changed some plans, including those relating to the game of Senuah was working. Another is that emerged the “rare possibility» of «bring the technology of movement capture later for all the video game industry», in collaboration with Epic Games ‘and others’, and decided to take advantage of it.

They recognize that development is not going “as fast as we would have liked”, but they are determined to take advantage of its independence for launching the game only when you have a level which are compliant. “We don’t have a release date for you right now’ said Dominic Matthews in the video,”but I will give one when we can be sure of it ourselves.”

Matthews explains how has been the process of communication of the game since its announcement until today. How you decided to tackle the project, we met Hellblade much earlier than normal; «If we had opted for the usual approach of a publisher, the game would have been announced more or less now», she says, but they wanted to show the potential fans how Hellblade passed through different phases of its creation, from the prototype to the final game.

In addition to the message of Matthews, in the video you can see Hellblade new images and a few glimpses behind the scenes (in this case, behind the computers, or even in front of the cameras) of the design and modeling of some characters and motion-capture.

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