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HTC presents advertising lives, that distinguishes whether or not the user has seen ads

HTC presenta la publicidad en Vive, que distingue si el usuario ha visto o no los anuncios

HTC unveiled its advertising service in virtual reality, allowing brands to include ads in applications lives participating in the program. The peculiarity of the service is that lives can determine if the user has seen ads or not.

On its website, HTC speaks of «ads unprecedented viewing experience”thanks to the «immersive environment in virtual reality on the size of cinema screens»; one of the forms of ‘promoting the engagement of the user’ is included in the mix “interactive elements”. «Thus, the VR advertising is not simply a disruption, but a synonym for exceptional experience!», says the company.

In addition to place a billboard in an app or game, HTC promises not only “more effective impressions’ (thanks to the virtual environment, which stimulates more users and the way in which absorb the information they receive in VR environments) but the possibility to follow gaze to determine if ads are seen or not. Ads

they can be tracked if users have seen them or have departed the view. Therefore, the multiplied effect of effective impressions and the verified viewings will provide you with greater advertising benefit!

According to Business Insider, advertisers only pay for ads that are seen by the user.

It is a movement that can not escape controversy. On the one hand, the possibility for developers to offer their games or applications as advertising space with which to finance their existence seems reasonable, although not devoid of grey points. On the other hand, however, it is more or less inevitable to not feel some paranoia to think in rear window works, effectively, in both directions: we can spy on virtual worlds that exist on the other side of the helmet, but know that the old spy our look is also, or it can be quite uncomfortable.

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