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Injustice 2 explains how your Gear system

The last video of Injustice 2 tells us of what his new Gear system, that will allow us to modify the appearance of the DC characters and their statistics. After the fighting, we will get new pieces of equipment that you can use to change the look of Batman, Superman and company and, at the same time, they will have effects in gameplay to affect the basic attributes of the characters.

In addition to choose exactly the coat or the emblem of our hero or favorite villain, also you can change the color palette. If do you prefer to comrade Red Superman are communist ideas, you can get your look and even paint it red revolutionary.

Rather than change the team and benefit from the associated bonus, to play 2 Injustice with a character also unlock new moves and skills. But quiet NetherRealm has ensured that a great imbalance between newbies and Veterans there is. First, because all those bonus may be disabled; and second, because even if they are not disabled the game responsible for automatically balancing fighting so that the difference in levels is not too significant.

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