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It gets serious with the launch of Final Fantasy XV trailer

The doubly long awaited – eager and for a long time- Final Fantasy XV is officially available since yesterday. I went to remind here, using as an excuse this launch trailer that Square Enix has prepared because I have a couple of days hooked to the game in question.

Hajime Tabata and company play is like me and pretty much, I tell you already. Has their little things, as all good project Japanese whose development is makes eternal, but in fifteen hours of split I have led several surprises welcome related with the personality and the variety; that last is what aims to highlight the video above, with a mounting minced to teach a handful of locations and monstruejos to the rhythm of Eminem.

Had also some interest by see what such strip the version end of the game, after a couple of demos especially lame. According to Digital Foundry, there is good and bad news. Although both versions is are very near them 30 fps stable, each a has their problems: the resolution in Xbox One is less of it desirable, while in PS4 can get to bother the frame pacing raruno-in a second is show 30 frames, Yes, but ones is maintained during more milliseconds that others. The thing is emphasized in mode with higher resolution for PS4 Pro, so I wait for the patch that runs out to implement compatibility with the average new Sony console, scheduled for December.

With your permission, therefore I turn with Noctis and his buddies to try to have the analysis as soon as possible.

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