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Journey and Lords of the Fallen, those games for PS4 in the PlayStation Plus of September

Sony has just announced the titles of PlayStation Plus users can download free of charge from the coming week.

The owner is the excuses for not having played a Journey pass zero to but one. The masterpiece of Bodycount, both PS3 and PS4, you have to download it yes or Yes; the peak of players during these next few days should ensure meetings and travelling companions, so it is a good time for a first crossing or a runoff. It would also be his own Jenova Chen is encouraged, with the nonsense, to tell a little about your next project.

Then is Lords of the Fallen, the game of Deck13 Interactive and CI Games that I remember to some other and now not would know tell you… to the Nioh! I guess that you can serve those who have mono to From Software, waiting for that Dark Souls III DLC.

For PS3 plays Datura, that demo-technical- and -little-more for Move-although is can play also with the remote control-that developed in Plastic before putting is with the recent Bound. Also Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, that was published to coincide with the Disney film. Almost everyone says that it is worse than the trilogy begun by the sands of time, but I’ve seen more than one thread claiming it in forums from here and there.

For dessert, Badlands for three Sony platforms and Amnesia: Memories for Vita. Not have the pleasure of knowing this visual novel Japanese, but the valuations in Steam it put by them clouds.

One month important for any person of good that already had or had Journey, Yes, but the world will be a place slightly better after this.

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