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Mark Cerny makes it clear: “PS4 Pro is not the start of a new generation”

Playstation 4 Pro

When is announced Xbox Scorpio and Playstation 4 Pro many users us carry the hands to the head by a simple reason: seemed that the companies were putting up a new generation of consoles. In fact, announced power was glimpsed earlier machines were going to leave behind. Something that the companies have committed to confirm that it is not a reality. In fact, yet they continue to say it.

Mark Cerny is one of the engineers responsible for the architecture of the Playstation 4. Recently he has put forward some comments about the upcoming Playstation 4 Pro. And therein has confirmed the release of the Playstation 4 Pro “does not represent the start of a new generation“. He own Cerny has explained that are still keeping the same road that with consoles previous, but with machines that will provide new possibilities within the same generation.

Mark Cerny is has explained of the following form:

We think that the generations are not disappearing. They are a good thing for the industry and for the players. The objectives that have Playstation 4 Pro are different. The innovations inherent in a new generation of consoles are not present today. Developers face a hardware that is already known.

Of course, many users are have asked if the new power of the console not implies the home of a generation. Cerny has explained that not there is an architecture that is can define as of new:

We have doubled the power of the GPU using an imagen-espejo of it. We have margin to support the 700 games that already exist “turning off” the other half of the own GPU and making them work in similar terms to the original. The clock frequency has also been adapted by 14%, to 911 MHz. The rendering will be best, in high definition, even on Playstation VR.

In short, what has been done with Playstation 4 Pro is an increase in the processing power, although without putting up new tools and, of course, a new generation. In the end, you could say that advancement is not so great.

PlayStation 4 Pro will go on sale in stores on November 10, with a price base of 399 euros.

Via | Gamasutra

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