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MegaMan will return to the West


Every few months, we see as the most popular companies in the world of video games will plunge, little by little, on phones iOS and Android. In addition to the usual with desktop consoles and portable activities, there are many releases that are advertised as exclusive mobile.

If you have been disconnected from the world of video games in recent weeks, you may have lost a few exclusive to arrive in your phone. The latest news we have is the arrival of the popular MegaMan, during the first days of January, both devices Android and iOS devices.

Capcom has recently announced that West will receive the most popular robot video games, but still has not been made official announcement of its final price. However, it is known that we have at our disposal the titles from 1 to 6.

If you are fans of one of the most popular icons of the game, and if you like classic experiences versioned for the current mobile, MegaMan should be one of your stops. In addition to the main games (whose content differs from other similar release, Legacy Collection), this mobile version includes a number of extras, yet to reveal.

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