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Mini #24 month: Super C

Mes Mini #24: Super C

Against is one of those games that seem impossible to improve. And however there has been much better games on that rare genre is that called run and gun; Metal Slug, for example, in 1996, still my favorite; Gunstar Heroes, a few years earlier, a Baroque and perfect run and gun of Treasure, which would then make the combo of shmups Baroque and perfect Radiant Silvergun/Ikaruga; agrees also talk of Super C, the sequel of against, that topped with good taste all that already in the original seemed perfectly determined.

Those were other times. Before all this was field, as is often say, and the games had more space to surprise. Super C succeeds without effort: the original material is respected until perhaps unimaginable limits today, with an identical array and a strategic depth inherited directly from the first. Take the Spread Gun and run, you could say: still far from the subtleties of the scoring of other similar, Super C conforms to consolidate its position as the ultimate shooting game.

Mes Mini #24: Super C

Of any form, not there is so much distance between Castlevania and against. Between one and another there is a year of difference; one bet by the body to body and the other is decanted by them shooting, but come of places similar: them two remember a little to Ghost ‘ n Goblins, something reasonable taking in has the success that had the game of Capcom. Konami took the constant waves of enemies, levels with various heights and the power ups , fragile and very valuable and packaged with two genres mixed pop (or pulp) to open two different paths: terror led to Castlevania and action films led to against. Again with licenses: the mutability of old video games makes against it may be also Gryzor or Probotector (and Super C can be Probotector II) without that barely noticeable change. Probotector is particularly eye-catching: apparently, the German market was too sensitive for the two bruisers hipermusculados that starring against, and Konami adapted his game to Europe replacing the humans with robots. As well, Bill and Lance (the main couple, who warned of the best way to enjoy the game: doubles) were transformed into two robots fighting against other robots and an alien threat; Thus, Konami managed to dodge the Bundesprufstelle für jugendgefahrdende Medien, the German Agency which, among other things, prevents that children are exposed to violent content. The German love the violence; the famous censorship is applied because against was, and is, a game for children; Ironically, the last film of Rambo is a co-production between United States and Germany.

Mes Mini #24: Super C

I speak of mutability, but actually transforming into robots is a pity; Luckily, the name of against is today much more recognizable than Probotector, a curiosity of the location and little else. I say this because I find it impossible to think against or Super C without pointing out an article of Kill Screen that refers to connections between the Konami game and the cons of the real world: the guerrillas who, with the help of the CIA, fought against the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional in Nicaragua. The game aliens, explains Matt Morey in Kill Screen, representing the sandinistas; in the fiction of against the head end, network Falcon, came to the Earth approximately in 1950, to the same time that the paranoia anti-Communist began to invade United States. I would like the luxury of stealing them words of Morey:

The dissonance between the title and the content openly play American offers a very sharp critique: the contras who fought in the war were working for American fans who were fighting a different war. Parody the image that Ronald Reagan had of yes same in the struggle against the communism in the Guerra cold. Or parody the lack of self-awareness that is needed to declare an unjust war. Against offers a clear view on the real scandal of the cons, more precisely the irresponsibility of the rhetoric of the cold war when making serious decisions. It is more appropriate given the past of Reagan as an actor; bring the Reagan doctrine to its logical extreme, turning it into a suitably fantastic film and stupid is an ingenious way to BREW [his critics].

Morey is aware that ‘instruction manual’, where extracted plot brushstrokes that serve as a skeleton to its article, “could have been orchestrated by a ready translator who reinterpreted an innocent game, inspired by American popular cinema, [making it in] a joke staff about the immoral nature of these films», but the truth is that the reference is also within the game : the last song on the soundtrack, which sounds when against, is titled (also in NES) Sandinista.

What was I talking about? Ah, Super C: it is incredible to double and in NES is amazing. Do we need more?

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