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New trailer for Grand Kingdom

I think that we are giving them little love a Grand Kingdom here. The Spike Chunsoft for the PlayStation 4 and Vita game will come out this month in Europe and the United States, but we’ve talked very little about it. Nippon Ichi Software America, which is responsible for its distribution, yesterday published the video from there up presenting skills and appearance of four different kinds of mercenaries which we can control the game: Fighter, Hunter, Witch and Medic.

A couple of weeks already published another video that featured five possible classes: Paladin, Noble, Dark Knight, Archer and Valkyrie. As we moved at the time, I put it I also here.

Spiritual heir of the Grand Knight History of Vanillaware, Grand Kingdom offers us to go on fighting RPG and strategy shift to a group of mercenaries and conquer territories for one of the four countries that share a world of fantastic medieval ambience. If you like what you see, remember that you’ll have it here on June 17.

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