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Night in the Woods will be the 10 of January

Night in the Woods saldrá el 10 de enero

It very interesting Night in the Woods is another of which is goes to 2017 narrowly: will be available, at last, the next 10 of January. There will be versions for PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.

It announced its responsible with the last update in your page of Kickstarter, just three years after launch the campaign of crowdfunding. It has been a longer development than expected, as happens with almost all games made by three people – Scott Benson, Bethany Hockenberry and Alec Holowka-, but the game is almost finished; in the message for backers, more extensive and detailed comments on that vacation and certification processes do not have much sense launch Night in the Woods in December.

During this time, the game has been left to see and has been very well received in various videojuerguistas events. We also have their two teaser interactive, Lost Constellation and Longest Night, serving mostly as a first contact with the tone of the game, manners and scathing. All it relative to the design and to the argument should be quite different Night in the Woods, an adventure with apparent touch of metroidvania starring by Mae, a gata frustrated after leave it universisad, that seeks its place in a village and with some friends that not are as them recalled.

There will be “a new trailer and more cool things” before launch, but at the moment it is easy to settle for this so nice illustration.

Night in the Woods saldrá el 10 de enero

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