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Nintendo already talks about a reduction of price of Switch

Nintendo Switch

One of the main complaints we’ve seen in terms of the release of Nintendo Switch is the price of the console. We are not: cost, 329 euros, is too high for a machine with these characteristics. In fact, we have to add the price of video games, which is not exactly low. Finally, acquire the console may have a cost close to 400 euros. Factor to which users have complained. Some have even come to buy the release.

Taking into account this concern, since Nintendo have already begun to talk about a future reduction in the price of the console. It was Tatsumi Kimishima, CEO of Nintendo, which has confirmed the concern of many people for the price of Switch. However, it has also added that in the future they will study a reduction in cost, in the event that prices of the hardware manufacturing can reduce.

Kimishima explained, first, that Nintendo Switch cannot be compared with its rivals since the console manages a different concept. However, they are working in order to reduce production costs, which will allow a reduction in the cost of the console, in the face of consumers. In any case, we must bear in mind that the amount of reserves has been very high, so the company does not see by the time the need to lower the final price.

In our opinion, lower the price of Nintendo Switch would be a pretty successful option because that would make it possible for many users to get access to the machine. In any case, seems that we will have to wait.

Do not forget that the console is already on sale in shops around the country, with an approximate price of 329 euros.

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