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Nintendo plans to double the production of Switch for the next fiscal year

According to Takashi Mochizuki, the now legendary Tokyo correspondent for The Wall Street Journal technology section, Nintendo plans to increase production of Switch sooner that later: during the next fiscal year, which begins April 1, 16 machines instead of the initially planned 8 million will be produced.

The change of plans would be a response to the good reception of the pileup during the two weeks in stores. Although Nintendo has not released figures of sales, companies specializing in market research as SuperData Yes have numbers: earlier this week said that there are already a million and a half of users with your Switch. Kimishima and company, therefore, will reach two million by the end of March they had set as a goal.

The “momentum” of the new console, as they say, don’t look bad. However, it is early to measure that success: Although the console is more or less dead – right now is “temporarily not availableĀ» NeoGAF Amazon Spain and there are some few that can’t find it-, now it is especially clear that Nintendo did not want to put too many Switch on the shelves. In fact, and although you have to take into account how anything sales soar at Christmas, sold 3 million Wii u during its first month and way of life – between November and December 2012. We all know how that ended.

In any case, its leaders seem pleased with the premiere of this new machine and investors seem to believe that Nintendo has a plan: the company’s shares have risen by 10% since last March 3. In that sense, the increase in production is good news. Back to its predecessor: If you put twelve of those sixteen million that will manufacture, sales of Switch would already be superior to the Wii U to date.

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