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Nintendo shows the eShop of Switch two days after its launch

Nintendo has released a video in which is seen, for the first time since that was announced the console, the eShop of Switch, its new console, which is put on sale tomorrow, March 3. You can see it on the top of these lines.

In the video, short and concise, we explore multi-display digital shop of Switch, which has a clean and minimalist design as the rest of the console interface. The only main menu there are three sections: launches latest, next and enter code. The rest seems to concentrate the search option, where, based on filters, you can find certain ranges of price or genre games.

It also shows the common purse through MyNintendo, which combines all the eShops balance to create a unified experience.

It is a simple and uncomplicated, that it be so forever and the centuries that grow to accommodate other sections (applications, for example) in the future. At the moment, Nintendo is focusing 100% on video games; In addition to the releases in box that have been announced so far, in this steady stream of games which is discussed in the video above they have a prominent role the indies, unexpected and very celebr√°veis star of this new machine.

The unit we have here does not have, for the time being, access to the eShop or other functions online; before power meter noses there you must arrive on 3 March, and with it an update that it leaves everything in order. It is a rare week of release, which users arrive with as little information as the press; information about all these things or possibility of requesting it, without all the movement generated by Switch is or speculative, or negative between virtual consoles absent, cartridges that know evil and technical problems that nobody knows anything.

The coming week, when all have tried it and have access to more games, we will give our final impressions about Nintendo Switch.

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