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Nintendo Switch: display of 6.2 inch, 720 p and more details


Nintendo has set January 12, 2017 calendar to celebrate a conventional presentation of Switch, your new system. That day the exact departure date, will be known games that accompany the console in its implementation of long, some technical details and price.

Outside of that, we have more information switch in different ways:

The same source that confirmed the hybrid nature of Switch with removable Control Panel in July has given information about this console screen: 6.2 inch, 720 p resolution display, multi-touch. It will be the first capacitive screen of Nintendo (DS, 3DS and Wii U make use of resistive technology).

Another rumor States that Switch it will not connect via USB hard drives as a storage method. A step backwards, but the measure is understood perfectly. Nintendo aims to be all stored in Switch and that from the base or connect it, the content is in the machine and not stored in an external source.

Kimishima, President of Nintendo, has given an interview to Bloomberg and has suggested that Switch is part of a large ecosystem. On the extras that could accompany the console has argued that it would be more correct to call them accessories or call them better added hardware, because they are pieces of hardware. Expect a large selection of accessories. Even is has commented that the Joy-with could receive different designs depending on the genre of the game.

Something that could illustrate the designs that you have currado in Game Makers Toolkit:

switch joy

The President has argued on the vacuum Switch Games-specific information and is believes it would be better to try the console directly in January for a software on our own experience. We hope stations in stores beginning this month.

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