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No trace of the mandatory data in Lego City Undercover in Switch download

Ni rastro de la descarga obligatoria de datos en Lego City Undercover en Switch

A couple of weeks, internet came out to the streets, as Pepsi, to protest because the version for Lego City Undercover Switch had associated a compulsory discharge of «up to 13 GB» supposedly required to play. The game has already come out, and we can confirm that you don’t need to download anything for or start the game play it.

The calculation was as follows: the version of Lego City Undercover displayed on the eShop occupied 7 GB, which added to the 13 who allegedly had to download totaled 20 occupied, approximately, the original version of Wii U. This happy use of mathematics gave standing to the suspicion that Warner, which publishes the game, had decided to save a few euros in the (presumably) expensive cartridges Switch of your game by choosing one of smaller size (is supposed to 8 GB) and offering a part of the necessary data through the internet.

On the cover leaked at the time appeared both box that appears in the image above as a message on the front where warned of the need to have internet connection. The final version is not present any of these two notices.

Warner would not tell us anything about the subject when we asked, but ended up releasing a statement that reproduced some websites in English. “Information is listed incorrectly in the Lego City Undercover for Nintendo Switch box,” said the statement. «Players who buy a copy physics [of the game] store are the complete set, and do not need to download additional content to enjoy the full experience “.

«No internet connection is required to play the game», he explained. “The only connection to the internet suggested is to download the typical patch update of content.”

The game has a patch from day one, in fact, which occupies 481 MB. At first glance, this patch does not significantly improve the framerate (sufficient but not optimal: it is not consistent and there are no annoying falls but frequent) or load times, which are still quite long.

Nintendo also chose not to respond when asked if the companies had the possibility to divide the content of a game need smaller cartridges, nor has said anything about the price of cartridges, which is superior to other consoles disks and more expensive to increase capacity.

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