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Nyx is the first heroine of Quake Champions

Seems that id Software not only goes to apply to Quake Champions part of it recipe magic of the gender hero shooter, that kind of mix between the MOBA and the FPS, but also has back to Bethesda following them same methods promotional of them large of this mode relatively young, mostly of the reference more current: Overwatch.

The tactical advertising is announce them heroes and heroines (or champions and champion) of Quake Champions of way progressive and separate, for give you packaging and personality to each one and to give to understand that in this game them characters van to be something more than a skin as happen in Quake III Arena, the embryo of Quake Champions. At the moment already have here with the first of the heroines that will form the template of the game: call Nyx and can boast of the teleportation within walking distance – the “ghost walk” – and the ability to run through the walls, a style that seems to be quite in tune (correct me if I’m wrong) to the Tracer in Overwatch.

The idea seems very clear: give us heroes of different strengths and ways to cope, so probably combine beasts and fine stylists, as well as a plethora of intermediate champions with their own unique abilities. The excuse to face them does need to be very original:

When the ORB of the wisdom was assaulted by an intruder, Nyx was sent until the ORB to stop to them insurgents and avoid that a not-Melem learn the skill of the Ghost Walk. But as soon as he touched the ORB was expelled from his world and ended in the Dreamlands, extradimensional realm where the world champions that are trapped in an eternal battle.

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