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Outlast 2 has already release date: April 28

Outlast 2 ya tiene fecha de salida: 28 de abril

We were a little crushed when Outlast 2 delayed his departure, scheduled for the end of 2016, at some unspecified time of 2017. Luckily, it seems that we will not have to wait much more embarrassed among the cornfields of the American heartland. Outlast 2 will finally go on sale April 25 in United States and three days later, 28, will reach the rest of the world.

Not just the good news there. It has also announced the launch of Outlast Trinity, a pack which will include the first Outlast, Outlast expansion: Whistleblower and this new Outlast 2. Outlast Trinity will be sold in physical issue, at the same time that Outlast 2 and for the same platforms. In the absence of knowing the price, sounds like a good opportunity for all handmade series. Currently Outlast costs €19.99 on Steam and its expansion, €8,99.

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