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Outlast 2 will have Satanic orgias and a male rape

Outlast 2 tendrá orgías satánicas y una violación masculina

I think that as years that not publish one of those news stories based on fascinating summaries of the ESRB game full of violence, sex, drugs and talk of bad taste, but I think that today it is worth returning to this type of content. This time, that Yes, the descriptions are not United States, but the Australian Classification Board, which has denied to Outlast 2 rating by ages not allowing its release in Australia. Unless Network Barrels deliver a reduced version to meet the moral requirements of the territory, the sequel to that train of the witch who was the first game will not see the light in our Antipodes to contain levels of sexual violence deemed unacceptable by the regulatory body.

Outlast 2 demo was already in Australia an R18 + red such as the devil, but the full game is apparently too much for their heads and have put, jaja, the cross. Take a look at the text describing the most uncomfortable game moments because it’s worth and more than one will give more desire to play it. That Yes: eye, that it contains spoilers.

In a cinematic of the game, a female creature prepares Blake for a ritual. She says to him: “I want to see your real face. Your descendants will make burn this world». Shortly after, he refuses to get a breath of psychoactive powders in the face, shouting ‘No! No!’ before finding a clearing in a forest.

His vision blurred, he noted what appears to be a ritual binge. His wife, Lynn, asks for help saying «hurts! Oh, God!”while hanging from chains on a raised front of the clear platform. With the grayish feet humanoid creatures, stained with blood and full of scars, have implied sex while others pray, sing or gesture.

A creature has a slouching on a rock, ramming it and implicitly having anal sex [NdT: literally says rear-entry sex, «the rear entry sex»], another sits on the pelvic region of a creature lying on the Swede, moving the hips rhythmically as another example of implicit sex. Other two pairs of creatures are in the clear also having implicit sex.

Blake cries out creatures that “away from her” and a female creature, with her gray breasts naked, pushes him to make him fall on his back, holding her two arms onto the floor and repeatedly rubbed his crotch against it. While Blake protest saying ‘No! Stop!’, the creature is rubbed again before putting her face in the intermediate zone of the to then sit down and clean the mouth.

Although much of the contact between the creature and Blake is clogged to happen below the screen, the sexualized environment and aggressive behaviour of the creature suggest that it is an assault of a sexual nature. The Classification Board believes that this, combined with the objections and the suffering of Blake, constitutes a representation of implied sexual violence.

Although it is not yet clear if the theme of Outlast 2 revolves around a faction of Satanism (in the demo there are biblical quotations and the inverted stylized title cross should be sufficient evidence, but knows), a kind of atmosphere that is frankly less on horror video games, is clear they say on the Australian Board that a minimum net Barrels not pulse shakes you to the time to lay your hands on controversial situations. Orgias have seen some than other video games, but a male rape… There it already we are entering into taboo territory. And I feel good.

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