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Owlboy now available on Mac and Linux

Owlboy ya está disponible en Mac y Linux

With Victor have discussed privately on Owlboy and long: he thought that ‘give him a physical presence to the different skills of Otus is a brilliant idea’, and I saw a performance perhaps more personal: «friendship and emotional ties and social development are essential to the life worthy of a disabled person», the friends who help you in what you can not do dignify the relationship and individuals.

Best of Owlboy, apart from their obvious beauty and their mechanical strengths, is that it also has some depth and ability to make us think a little after visual ecstasy. The game does not stitch without thread although missing one dot more inventive when it comes to dominate the repetition as attractive resort. So he spoke of him in his analysis:

Without going into spoilers, I mean that they are that kind of elegant and sometimes almost invisible resources that make Owlboy get to stay with one when history comes to an end: by means of a powerful application but nothing scandalous of their (apropos) limited cards, D-Pad Studio makes the world has created greater than the sum of its parts.

So we are happy that the adorable metroidvania of D-Pad reaches the maximum of people as possible: since this weekend, the game is available in Mac and Linux. In fact this weekend was discounted 33% on Steam, but there already we arrived late, although the same offer available yet in the Humble shop and GOG.

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