Thursday , November 30 2023

00: 00 h – follow us Nintendo Direct from Splatoon 2 and Arms

You are playing another one of those night Nintendo Direct that love around here. Starts in a ratillo and this time is dedicated to two of the upcoming releases first party Switch: Splatoon 2 and Arms. We should go to sleep, then, having resolved major doubts about both games. There …

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The Nintendo Switch online will be paid to provide quality


Since its official announcement, Nintendo already confirmed that the Switch online game was going to be paid. Cheaper than the other platforms, but in the end and after payment. A decision which some users complained. Even thought the power of the machine would not be able to offer a certain …

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Yakuza Kiwami will be released in Europe on August 29

With this beautiful trailer here above announced from SEGA that Yakuza Kiwami, the remake of the first installment of the series, will be available in Europe on August 29. As I said, Kiwami is a revision of the adventure that introduced us to Kazuma Kiryu; the original Yakuza was released …

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Oculus requests to repeat the trial with ZeniMax


Oculus has requested a new trial for the lawsuit that ZeniMax filed against the company, which seek to amend the original trial “excessive” fines. The company, owned by Facebook, ensures that the jury’s verdict was “irreconcilably inconsistent” and that the result (a total of 500 million dollars in fines, among …

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Overwatch rebellion: its new and refined PvE mode


Overwatch has premiered a new way PvE where once again will have to deal with hordes of omnicos. It’s a more refined way on which we play on Halloween of last year, that we should only resist successive waves of increasing difficulty. On this occasion, Blizzard offers a format more …

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Injustice 2 explains how your Gear system

The last video of Injustice 2 tells us of what his new Gear system, that will allow us to modify the appearance of the DC characters and their statistics. After the fighting, we will get new pieces of equipment that you can use to change the look of Batman, Superman …

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Square Enix reissued the first NieR PS3


Square Enix has announced plans to reissue the first NieR PS3 to the good reception of Nier: automaton, the sequel published this year. The first game of 2010, became after its release in one of those games that is better understood by the public that critically, but did not become …

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