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Passpartout, the ruinous game of live of the art

Passpartout, el ruinoso juego de vivir del arte

Is something that come explaining many designers freelance, and I imagine that them illustrators by commissioned and others artists suffer the same problem: their work has a gigantic load creative and them processes of creation always sprout, obviously, depending on the experiences, tastes and knowledge of each one. The problem comes when is someone of outside, with its own subjectivity and its criterion normally alien to it matter, who must valuing the result. And what usually derive from that are moments of frustration unbearable, clashes absurd and sometimes even times of drought economic.

Imagine the life of a painter that not is dedicated to them orders but creates his work and then it hangs in your gallery with the hope of sell it seems something still more traumatic and difficult. Art always talks about astronomical prices and auctions with disproportionate numbers, but it is important to remember the weight of the authorship in the current art market: is much more valuable, in monetary terms, a frame by its author than by the work itself. That is why sometimes abused a bit with the classical metonymy of ‘have a Miro’ or ‘have a Pollock’, as if they were collectible trading cards where the only thing that matters is the signature.

This week read about a game that explores issues similar without losing the sense of the humor: in Passpartout are a painter with Gallery own that paints pictures and them sold for live. Each day enter in its local ones few fans to the art pictorial that are customers potential, and whenever is stop ahead of an of them works that have painted us not doubt in give their opinion to the respect. The vast majority, as I tell you, are negative and even petty, so the criterion that handle is not decipherable.

At the time of draw the system is quite simple, a species of Paint of all the life with their palettes of color and their brushes of thicknesses different, all very basic. What called it attention is the implementation of a modest intelligence artificial capable of judging our pictures throwing phrases by the mouth of them spectators that often fit with them traits, virtues or defects of the Scribble in question. Can that us say that the painting is too an uproar, or too empty, or that inspires an excess of work in it, or a phrase that all have heard any time made completely in seriously: «this it makes until my nephew of five years».

And here is presents another issue important: would take note of them complaints to give with the type of painting that the people want to buy? Or it is more honest and “artistic” let go and paint what one want you hoping to sound the flute and a wealthy buyer connects with the work? If you apply the law of supply and demand to the art, may begin to crumble its artistic nature and we finish manufacturing products, something that perhaps would make them rather artisans. And if it does not apply, if respected creative and art-free condition as expression can maybe keep the integrity and dignity, but none of those two things is eaten or pay rent and bills.

Passpartout also exerts this pressure accentuated in some way by customers: his tirades express emerge some ignorance, so that no one is being tried as an artist by viewers quite aggressive in their appraisals, but also are people who really don’t understand what they are talking about and everything boils down to a superb pose of sufficiency and pedantry that makes everything much more difficult. The type of arrogant and undocumented assessment with which artists are freelance often.

Passpartout, el ruinoso juego de vivir del arte

Visually is the only facet that game a little lighten load of bad milk directed the player: it is everything from a play with puppets, something that makes much more exaggerated gestures of contempt that customers engaged in pictures but also brings more light and humorous to the situation.

Perhaps noteworthy is also very marked intention that perpetrators, the Swedes of Flamebait Games, have wanted to Acclimate caricatured in a Paris Passpartout, cradle of art for centuries but also something given to elitism, bourgeois modernity, the stretched neck and the crooked nose. Features specially-marked in the plain people perception of art and vices that some are keen to make own to torment the artists. As if not already difficult by itself only earn their bread.

Passpartout just receive Steam Greenlight green light and you can test your alpha here.

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