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Payday 2 free this weekend on Steam


Payday 2 is an old acquaintance in the promotions of free games on Steam. All contributions made by the community of players to this title in the form of appearances for weapons are held on this occasion. And for that nothing better that a weekend of offers and free access for all those who have not tried or do not have this title still.

To play free Payday 2 during this promotion only, we have to have an account on Steam. Once satisfied this requirement, we must proceed to download the game and we can already enjoy it while it lasts the weekend. It should be noted that the DLC are not available, but if we play with anyone else who has them if you can play these scenarios. Moreover, all the contents of the game are discounted at a discount of 75%.

Beyond the controversies that in recent months have shaken Payday 2, seems that tempers have returned to your website after the removal of the micro transactions that gave advantage to the players. In addition, it is one of the best titles in its genre, so it is never more give him a chance where we have never played it. Ignoring the controversies, and more beyond the hatreds that can be you Overkill by their past actions, the truth is it worth to give him a chance to Payday 2.

Accompanying this weekend of free access to Payday 2 has released a new patch that introduces some corrections and adjustments to the game. For the moment no new DLC, is to be released although it would not be not surprising that in the coming weeks or months Overkill publish any. In any case, now enjoy Payday 2 while last weekend.

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