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Pillars of Eternity 2 will offer an “open world” to explore


Campaign funding Pillars of Eternity 2 in Fig faces his last days with interesting new features unveiled thanks to the additional money that is receiving this project. If a few days ago we desvel√°bamos that romances between characters would be a reality, Obsidian reveals now that this RPG will offer a particular open world that we explore our own boat on board.

And it is that this title will have a large exploration component, since as it unfolded at its launch, Pillars of Eternity we will have to do us the sea to explore different islands and thus be able to complete this adventure. Thanks to the money raised in Fig, Obsidian will enhance this section and will allow players to explore the sea in search of new Islands to explore and to hide new adventures and challenges.

Is faculty is being developed, although much higher could have potential if it reach new heights of financing in Fig. Some of the innovations that could offer include new Islands and archipelagos that explore, the ability to customize our boat next to other possibilities that Obsidian has not disclosed yet. This new faculty has given a boost to the campaign of Pillars of Eternity 2 , which already has more than $ 3.5 million.

Beyond this issue, Obsidian still reserves some surprise although it seems complicated to unlock in this campaign. One of the latest promises from the Studio is to include a new companion for Pillars of Eterinty 2, although the figure to unlock it is fairly high: $ 5 million. In the absence of little more than one day, this amount is far, but who knows if it can finally be achieved or even to overcome it.

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