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Podcast Reload: Program 36, season 7

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Yes Yes, today is now nearly frozen waiting for E3. Thank goodness that Konami all that blowing is already a little and has presented its long-awaited Pachislot of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. Also we have already seen the new ready at Dawn, of-Formers, that looks like less than The Order: 1886 in a Conference.

In the analysis, finally, shift to Overwatch. The FPS of Blizzard is has come out with his putting the charisma and know-how to a variety of game modes.

Is also a falling Mirror completo Edge Catalyst, which can be tested in EA Access and Origin Acces, and speak a little of the last expansion that will receive The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine; We do not usually comment on DLC, but it is really more billet than most games.

Participate in this podcast: Asier Irigoyen (@SusoNucelar), Juan Puig and Pep Sànchez.

In this podcast they sound:

» Gus Arnheim & His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra, V = Bing Crosby, Loyce Whiteman – Ho Hum – ♪

» Annette Hanshaw – Telling It To The Daisies ♫

» Joe Sullivan Coffee Society Orchestra – Pom Pom ♪

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Reload: Program 36, season 7

04:55 – announced PES 2017
02:00 – delay no Man’s Sky
05:45 – the Pachislot of goal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
13:25 – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
17:40 – of-Formers is ready at Dawn

29:50 – Overwatch
1:03:30 – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
1:08:30 – The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

1:18:30 – questions


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