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Problems with the dock Switch, removed from the official Nintendo store

Nintendo Switch

Although Nintendo Switch leads to the sale almost a week, those users already have could experience enough problems with the hardware. For example, it was discovered that controls have a bug which causes loss of connectivity. However, the more serious flaw that has been discovered and, apparently, must be confirmed by Nintendo, resides in the own dock of the console. But not it seems, the same is making small cuts in the screen touch.

As will the users themselves, if not put the console Nintendo Switch carefully in the dock, support causes cuts on the touch screen. The problem is not serious but, in any case, it can pose problems of malfunction and aesthetics. In fact, those customers already is have complained and have asserted that is is of a failed garrafal that is causing pains of head.

Nintendo, after knowing the failed, has proceeded to the withdrawal of the dock of your shop official. There is no confirmation of the error by the company, but expected that they solve the problem and put on sale a new consignment which, this time, is well built.

Solutions that users commented does not cease to be homemade. Most are getting screen protectors that prevent scratches, although the response should be implemented by Nintendo since it’s a failure of design. Wait, in any case, the official response from the company.

Don’t forget that Nintendo Switch is already on sale in shops, with an approximate price of 329 euros.

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