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Quake Champions, exclusive PC because the frame rate

Quake Champions

As you know, id Software has been working in a new installment of the Quakeseries for months. The company has decided to start again, the franchise in order to retrieve an idea that has provided them with considerable success. However, there is a curiosity: release will only occur on PC, leaving side consoles. A certainly controversial decision that has already caused diverse opinions from users.

In any case, developers of Quake Champions have decided to jump to the fore in order to justify change and to explain details about the operation of the game. According to Tim Willits, Quake Champions it will be exclusive to PC because of the high rate of soft drink which is necessary to support. And it is that we are talking of a figure of 120 Hz. A fact that is almost impossible to get on desktop consoles.

Although the difference between the 60 Hz and 120 just note, Willits has confirmed that ‘If you notice from the point of view of the professional players‘. An aspect which you do not want to risk. “When you play 120 Hz there is much difference on the screen refresh,” said.

Finally, the creative director of Quake Champions has confirmed that this aspect will help them to maintain professional players:

We can not communicate that professional players do not play by technical limitations. If we lose them, we’re in big trouble. This is the reason why Quake Champions will be exclusive of PC. We do not want limitations.

In any case, should be known as Quake Champions is being developed taking into account various PC configurations, which means that you will not need a latest generation computer to make it work. More details will be announced soon and, of course, can take a look to the beta.

Via | GameSpot

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