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Ready at Dawn will move forward with the franchise The Order: 1886

This year we had another flagrant example of launching massive budget and great promotional campaign which in the end was not to be at the height of the resources and the hype enjoyed by. In fact, Quantum Break. But the year past the representative of this case so typical of our industry was undoubtedly The Order: 1886. A beast technique of great personality in terms of art direction and that we call here graficotes, but that failed miserably in everything else. In fact the silence of Ready at Dawn in the following months he made us think that bump had removed them the desire to give another chance to the franchise, but they are apparently willing to try again. Finally and after one of its shortcomings was a final anticlim√°tico with cliffhanger, one of the worst recent inherited vices of the film, so the decision would be pure consistency.

In an interview with Game Informer, the co-founders of the Ru Weerasuriya and Andrea Pessino study have made it very clear that The Order is not dead, and are taking rods, and that end up being a saga Yes or Yes:

The best way to respond to that without filtering anything… how say you… does have a future? Yes. The IP has a future. It is integrated into the own IP. That future is something that already built from the same home, from the first day in that started to work in the game. As already know that some, the story is over long. There is a macrohistoria which continues to advance, it is an IP with the larger story that we have created. So this IP has “branches”, definitely.

It is clear, by first thing says Weerasuriya, the first sequel is in development. And perhaps the made of that grant an interview something informal and by Skype means that the ad official is more closely.

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