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REX: Chess lie

REX variante ajedrez simplificado

One of my reviews favorite of YouTube says so: “wow.” After studying this game, I would say that Bill Gates has a level very basic of knowledge of the chess. «That castling was a movement horrible, by put to his King directly opposite the overwhelming and obvious attack of Magnus in that side of the Board “. Is refers to Magnus Carlsen, the champion of the world of chess, that takes little more than one minute in win to Bill Gates in a game of chess. Carlsen had a limit of thirty seconds in total to make their movements; Gates had two minutes. The handicap, which recognizes the own Gates, resigned, as irrelevant, does not preclude that Carlsen glared at the turbomillonario in nine movements.

It is a very funny video, and Carlsen plays in a very nice way; the way in which their movements clothes to parts of Gates is firm but silky, lethal but with an air of delicate and harmonious. It is obviously not that great battle between two armies that are supposed to represent the chess. Nor is it a demonstration of humiliating power: there is a consideration on the other uncommon outside the magic circle of this game.

The chess is subject ready. Of smart people, if I hurry. Is an of those things that not gives trouble recognizing that unknown: with which is falling, who has time to sit is to play to the chess. A game of chess requires time and concentration, two resources that we are few. Continues the commentary of which I spoke: “this level of play is a little suspect in someone who supposedly invented something as complex as the Microsoft operating system, says, as is. «Could be Bill Gates another character fictional used in campaigns in advertising, as Betty Crocker?» «A false man who conceals a larger company and controlled by the Government?»

REX not is chess, but yes has to the chess, or to the wish of playing to the chess, in his heart. You can download on Gamejolt.

REX: Ajedrez de mentira

REX is played on a Board of five by five, and each player has five pieces, which begin placed at the ends of the Board, as in chess, and which can be moved in any direction, as the Queen. The ends move one square; the following, two; the central, three. There are two ways to play: battle, where is gained by removing parts of the opponent, and duel, where the goal is (as in chess) the rival King.

Everything you need to learn to play boils down to that. Is an experiment very interesting that in addition has as result a game curious and that has potential to offer sensations similar, although compressed, to which provides the chess. Especially in the mode duel, where the defense of the King adds some few layers of depth to the game (is note in the time that takes the machine in think its movement, that here itself is detectable), the capacity of plan and anticipate movements is essential for carry to good port them split against it intelligence artificial more complicated that offers REX; its creator, however, designed to be played by two people.

«Whenever go to House of someone and see a Board of chess in a shelf or in the table, always is as “anda, guay, would like take a split?”, but little people wants to play a split of two hours to them first of change», has the designer of the game to Polygon. “I wanted to make a board game that was similar to chess, but super simple, with very simple rules, that it took him to long already less than fifteen minutes into play and which could be easily explained to a child.” I thought something halfway between chess and Tic-Tac-Toe”.

REX: Ajedrez de mentira

It is a pretty well executed and different from others that we have seen recently. Also around the chess tour Really Bad Chess, for example, that maintains the original mechanical but makes parts that each player starts random: same thing you touch nine horses to five towers, or none. Chesser is “a strategy game for two players game inspired by the bad chess everywhere. Chess is slow. Chess is tedious. Chess has no particles. That you give to all that. «Chesser is like the chess but more», said its creator, Chris Wade.

Without sabotaging it, other games try to capture other dimensions of the chess. Playing Duchamp is a simulator more or less normal but with a peculiarity: them movements that makes the computer are based on games real played by the artist Marcel Duchamp, that considered that the chess was more pure that the art because ‘ not can be marketed». Chess 2 challenges to Duchamp by applying to the chess rules like they follow the majority of video games: iterating on the basis of the first part, creates an unbearable porridge ready to be put on sale on Steam. There is something hilarious about the same idea of catching a very popular game and it will work perfectly and put him enough new features to make it necessary to have at hand a document with the new instructions. It is as if you were playing chess, Pippin Barr, basically hidden chess and only gives orders to who plays: following them, someone that looks from the outside might think, by the movement of the eyes or hands, that we are playing chess, although in reality we are only making case to the computer.

REX eliminates that layer of irony. All these games explore elements specific of the chess; are comments about the chess, rather than substitutes. REX, by his part, is makes a question: how play to the chess if not have time to devote you to the chess? It certain is that REX, with all its merit (its simplicity is really charming, and play it is interesting and fun; works, in final), has much less interest that the game in which is based and is likely that Magnus Carlsen not out billionaire if outside player of REX. Nor would have interest your split against Bill Gates: would be two brilliant passing the time, and would be grotesque pay attention to something so vulgar. No one would think of Government conspiracies or would call into question the legitimacy of the inventions or the intelligence of anyone. If something tells REX, in the end, it’s that some things there is one sitting up, pay attention and try to learn. Everything else is lying.

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