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Rez Infinite, game launch of PlayStation VR

Rez Infinite, título de lanzamiento de PlayStation VR

Enhance Games, the study which is the remake of Rez, has confirmed that the game will be one of those who join PlayStation VR at its launch and that, at least for the moment, only it will be published in digital format.

Rez Infinite was announced at the end of last year as a new facelift of the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 classic. This new version also can play without PlayStation VR and have increased your resolution to 1080 p and deliver 60 frames per second, will include new areas that were not in previous versions and sound 7.1.

Rez Infinite will be the first game Enhance Games, Studio founded by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of the original. I was never very fan of Rez, but I am very curious to try it in VR. It can be a very crazy thing.

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