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Ritual of love and death: a progress of Bloodstained

Ritual de amor y muerte: un avance de Bloodstained

If the mix of genres that made Metroid and Castlevania gave origin to the called metroidvania, it true is that not had much sense tick of metroidvania to a game come out of the head of the same father of Castlevania, Koji Igarashi. Thus on Reddit, the place which it leaves everything for a few years, have started to call it igavania. It is something that could be taken as a symbolic gesture that encompasses the own birth of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and the process of gestation that at this point we can already testify: put another name to something that already existed with the intention of conveying an idea of rupture but only partial. Or, in other words: as seemed and despite the change of third narrative and of brand, Bloodstained is more Castlevania that many Castlevania.

And if you have to look at a Castlevania, already posts better look in the best of all: Ritual of the Night not only sounds like a Symphony of the Night, but it is his spiritual successor, a son a little pazguato but willing to improve to follow his father’s footsteps and do justice to this model’s heir. The demo of Bloodstained already circulating among the backers of the project, which is the same as Microsoft had exposed in his stop of the last E3, it seems more a bit thought playable to communicate with fans than a real piece of the experience that we will live when the matter is finally finished.

In fifteen minutes can one end is the demo if goes very to the grain, lengthening is until it half hour if is pulls of backtracking and exploration in seeks of secret and stuff bright that take is to the Pocket, but it feeling general is of that this first level that happens in a Galleon serves for move us the certainty of that Bloodstained not thinks away is of the road that marked Symphony of the Night. From lanterns that are broken and loose mandanga until the classic backdash in combat or slide kick to go through small gaps. Even in the bestiary of enemies, that in principle it seems adequately maritime Court with their Octopus and his creatures of tar, surprises us with a very familiar gigantic Knight with armour and a huge flail shaking in cyclical animations.

Many it will take as a myriad of winks to the origin creative of Bloodstained, but from out of the core hard of fans castlevaniacos, the message that arrives is seems more to a «as expected, this is going to be a Castlevania total, so vamo to calmarno».

Aside from the essential of tics and taken directly from the classic usual gestures Decalogue, even music by composer Michiru Yamane (author of the soundtrack of Symphony of the Night) seems seized and aggressive Tango with the very limits of the legal dispute. But history, for the time being somewhat diffuse, leads in other directions: Miriam is an alchemist who suffers a curse that is making your skin in glass, so to find a cure is targeting to visit such one Gabel, otherwise that is suffering the same torment and that chance go, it is living in a giant castle infested with monsters. The demo, that Yes, ends before reaching port.

Ritual de amor y muerte: un avance de Bloodstained

Ritual de amor y muerte: un avance de Bloodstained

In the mechanical is perhaps where more lame this show still at very early stage of development. Movement speed and way of moving from Miriam completely are the result of kinship with Castlevania, but combat and for now no complexity of the treacherous stretches is where it still seems to be plenty of work ahead. Not there are combos of time, and the way in that is produce them attacks against them enemies is still lack of feedback, of a reaction satisfactory from the opponent or of an authentic feeling of impact to the hit, something that possibly improve tweaking the tempo of the animations and them effects of sound. The only apparent change are a sort of magic crystals that drop certain enemies and that the protagonist uses to stab chest and acquire new supernatural abilities, that kind of powers that allow us to access areas that seemed inaccessible, maybe after the first lesson of the Metroidvania 101 course.

Them first prints, already say, leave the perception of a demo made to measure as form of communication fun, a luck of appetizer independent with the intention of mark a heading given and very known by all. You can which for that reason Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night know still raw dough and ingredients without placing in the best order, with a bout to forge better and acquire greater strength is missing and an artistic direction that leaves a taste slightly bitter at the end with a head of visual – design phase and in terms of pattern of attack-easy and little worked. All clear that aroma to little fact, missing you still boil, but even if the level of the ship remain as it is, there are signs for optimism and to think about an experience igavanica that goes from least to most.

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