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RIVE, the last Two Tribes game, will be in Switch coming soon

RIVE, el último juego de Two Tribes, saldrá en Switch próximamente

The version for Wii U of RIVE, the last game of Two Tribes (literally: announced this will be his last project), has been cancelled; Instead, the shooter platforms will be published on Switch, the new Nintendo platform. The release date will be announced «further ahead», they say in the press release.

The study has a significant history of collaborations with Nintendo: over fifteen years have passed since the first Toki Tori, posted on Game Boy Color, and at that time many of their games have appeared on consoles from the Japanese company. «Many fans have told us that they would like to play on a Nintendo console RIVE», recognize, and added that his game «fits very well”with the new machine.

“We have the feeling that Nintendo Switch is centered, also,” as his game, “to recover the experiences of our youth, the play deep games and skill together, and bring them to the present».

About RIVE, in our review, we say that it is ‘a cool and casual arcade which makes a bit what you want, how it could be otherwise. Are allowed the luxury of focusing it in destroy and kill, accumulating points and increasing the combo; keep this active multiplier is essential to climb to higher positions of scoreboard.” We said that climbing in these tables was «sadly easy» because does not play many people, while his reception has been very good; We will see what such are given between the first games (if they release it soon) switch: I know more than one person, for example I, who fell in love with Toki Tori 2 shortly after the release of, precisely, Wii U.

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