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Saints Row IV is House with Steam Workshop in full cut strong

Saints Row IV se casa con Steam Workshop en plena rebaja fuerte

More than three years after exit to the sale, that craze shameless (and a little trying too hard) that is Saints Row IV has integrated Finally, of a doomed time, them functions of Steam Workshop, that species of platform for the creation and the download of content for modify them games.

The same people of Deep Silver admits that he had no sense that a game so make what you get out of the Holy fuck not offered the opportunity to bring that creative freedom to higher levels, so that since yesterday becomes easier to install mods and create them yourself, from making weapons mad to apply code to change the rules of the game or getting our peliculitas himself. So of content shown on the press release:

Had many challenges at the time of implementing the functionality Steam Workshop once the game not was designed originally to support changes. It has been a work of passion and hard work by the Deep Silver Volition study who worked directly with the community to develop tools to make changes and adapt them to the game code. The tool has been developed by fans who have demonstrated a fondness for the game and tested their creativity with the passage of the years. We are looking forward to see them crazy content that van to devise.

In parallel the Distributor did match a powerful discount of the price of Saints Row IV, which puts it within reach of everyone, even for those who aren’t very convinced this new and exciting compatibility: with 75% discount, the game stays at 3,74 euros the basic version (4.99 euros the Game of the Century Edition with more content and all the DLC). A no brainer in several ways.

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