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Sega purchases Crytek Black Sea and transforms it into Creative Assembly Sofia

Sega compra Crytek Black Sea y lo transforma en Creative Assembly Sofia

The Black Sea GamesStudio, newly refurbished after being for eight years the Bulgarian arm of Crytek, has returned to be purchased, this time by Sega, to become Creative Assembly Sofia.

With this addition, the creators of Total War added more than 500 employees (60 of them are in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria), and work on multiple projects in parallel, among which there is a new Total War historical and of the main series and the sequel to Warhammer-based. According to Sega, after the formation of Creative Assembly Sofia have joined also a new project to its portfolio, which have not given details.

At the end of 2016, Crytek announced the closure of five of the seven studies that the company had around the world. One of them was Crytek Black Sea, a studio founded in 2001 and that CryEngine parents bought in 2008. The experience of Black is with them games of strategy, that now them has led to be part of Creative Assembly, at that time les led to sand of Fate, a MOBA free-to-play produced by Crytek and announced in 2014; It never came out.

«Our mission is to create plays hardcore that entertain players over and over again,» said those responsible for the study when reformed it after the cuts of Crytek. «We believe that the best gaming experiences come to challenge players with important decisions, at the same time that it gives them the freedom to create (and share) your own stories within the game».

«The acquisition of Crytek Black Sea power even further the development potential of Sega Europe and reinforces our ability to publish content diverse and attractive for our brands», according to Jürgen Post, COO of Sega Europe.

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