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Senko no Ronde 2 will be published on PS4 and Steam this summer

Degica and G.Rev announced Senko no Ronde 2, the sequel to the bullet hell of fight of 2005. It will be released on PlayStation 4 and Steam in the summer of that year, and at the moment only the teaser you have above has been published.

The little information we have of the game comes from there, and be interpreted their engrish to understand that the game is a ‘reconstruction’ of Senko no Ronde DUO, the continuation of the original that came out in recreation in 2009 and in Xbox 360, only in Japan, in 2010. In the logo, that reads, «Senko no Ronde Reboot»; in any case, it seems reasonable to think that this new installment will depart from the 2010 version, which made the combat system and added new characters.

Senko Ronde does not propose a mixture of one fight one and bullet hell, combining combat melee with shooting distance and the consequent elusive game whereby the danmaku, recognising those games of ships in which many bullets on screen are hypnotic patterns and overwhelming death blankets.

The first Senko Ronde did the hand of Ubisoft Europe in 2007, and was criticized by the limited duration of their way for a player. DUO, his continuation of 2010, not left Japan but expanding the story and added some mechanical changes that make the game faster. G.Rev announced a plan of DLC to expand and keep alive this Senko no Ronde with free content and paid, but ended up canceling this additional content after publishing two small expansions because, as explained at the time, making DLC was more expensive that earned him.

2012 announced a new installment for Vita. Expected to come out in 2013, but spent that year and the next, and there was no more news by G.Rev. never did see anything and some time ago that the project was cancelled.

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