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Special Homefront: The Revolution, the second chance

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In the analysis of Homefront: The Revolution esgrimí an argument that to this day I still defend and is the Dambuster Studios game he was released before that was due. Shareholders want results, not quality. And that maximum forces sometimes remove products on sale without the required cooking time so that the user can enjoy it.

The Revolution was a mess in your output. A catastrophe that the developer has been reversing with each patch that has emerged. The current version – 1.05 – does not solve 100% certain defects, but is playable and above all shows that the team will continue to work to make this second installment of Homefront to an acceptable level.

Currently, the game can be found about €30 and there is clear evidence pointing to that product will be better with the passage of time, I encourage you to assess your purchase in the future. Obviously, there are trenches that they won’t be able to cover, but other unevenness in the terrain are adjusting slowly. For example, performance has improved, and we have more stability in the frame rate. Not full, or continued, but will be in good line. Bugs are filing and even patterns of AI are progressing.

Homefront: The Revolution is never going to be an essential, but it could be a product of those rating at low prices by offering a proposal of interesting game, and although the finish is not which must currently, promises that it could be in time. Moreover, if one is able to forgive certain damage, for the price it is now, and appreciating that it continues to work to give the player a gaming experience worthy, perhaps the debate to give a second chance to Homefront: The Revolution is not crazy.

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I reiterate that I am not that today some aspects are not finished as they should, but you are approaching that goal and it is playable, albeit at the expense of expanding our margin of tolerance. Of course, game has has earned public indifference and reluctance to buy it in the future. The parties concerned should publish a demo when they believe suitable to demonstrate improvement. It would be a movement of honesty and openness.

After so many cases with caffeine-free products in its output that have been reinforced over time I believe that it is necessary to re-analizar certain experiences.

Patience and time to return to The Revolution.

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