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Spoilercast Reload × AntiHype: Inside, Firewatch, The Witness

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We wanted to make a spoilercast, us it coupled with a second, because the year is still very good, and at the end we have finished doing three at the same time. Tap explore a little more deeply Inside, Firewatch and The Witness, three of the most interesting games of the year, coincidentally independent.

To undertake such task we have gathered with AntiHype, also web and podcast dedicated to video games; Pep and Victor they are accompanied by César, Enrique and Aitor, and among the five desmigan three brutal this time experiment subjects. We are as direct as possible, but the madness lurks where least expect it: we promise that this time there is little.

With this we’ll stretch after the summer break, which already ends soon: the eighth Reload season will return in a couple of weeks, Monday 19, so you can already go making that day on your calendars. Any of these three games (if you don’t have them on radar and you can not listen to this podcast) should give you enough petrol for the head to hold until the return of Reload.

Participate in this podcast: Cesar Diaz, castling Alonso, Aitor Herrero, Víctor Martínez and Pep Sànchez.

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Reload AntiHype ×: Spoilercast – Inside, Firewatch, The Witness

00:00:00: Inside
00:40:35: Firewatch
1:19:25: The Witness


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