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Square Enix check brake with Deus Ex

Square Enix echa el freno con Deus Ex

Everything points to Adam Jensen is going to take a long break. Finished for now the sneak into others houses, destroying walls with his fists and slither by ventilation ducts. The updated version of Inspector Gadget will sit a while on the bench since, according to suggest in Kotaku, the sequel of Mankind Divided, already in preparation, has passed to better life.

The reasons that have led to this decision have that view, according to Eurogamer, with two factors. Input, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has not sold all what was expected. I took a few hours with him and am enjoying it very much, but it does not offer much more than what already brought Human Revolution. In addition, all what is around (the app, digital novels, the concept of Deus Ex Universe) remaining more they add up to an experience that should be enough by itself.

The second reason is that Eidos Montreal has his hands full with two major projects right now. The first of these projects is the rumored Shadow of the Tomb Raider, mainly developed by Eidos Montreal instead of Crystal Dynamics. Why? Maybe because the latter are focusing, with the help of Eidos, the Avengers game. The second project, which are again collaborating in both studies, is a game of guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, other, not to be confused with the Telltale.

Said makes little by Twitter that Mankind Divided me seemed the best Metal Gear of this generation, of the same mode that Human Revolution me it seemed from the previous. You can imagine that this news, although to some extent expected, has made my Monday a little more Monday.

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